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Feeling stuck in a career that no longer excites you?

Ready to make a change but not sure where to start?

CareerLeap.Pro is your personalized path to reinventing your career and landing the job you want.

a digital self-guided program that will help you

get clear and empowered
to find a better-fitting role in a right-for-you organization:

save time, command higher salary and improve quality of your life.

<<Limited Beta Offer!>>

with Misha Rubin
 Career Educator, CEO of The Career Leap, former Ernst & Young Partner 
CareerLeap.PRO How It Works
CareerLeap.Pro is your personalized process to reinventing your career and landing the job you want. Our proven proprietary method, The Career Leap Method, will guide you through the following steps:
Gain Radically Clarity with the Career Blueprint System.
Get crystal-clear about what you truly want in your career.

Our Career Blueprint System helps you uncover your passions, values, and strengths, enabling you to evaluate your options and make well-informed decisions that align with your aspirations.
Explore with Confidence using the Career Leap Map Approach:
Venture into a wide range of career moves without feeling overwhelmed.

With our Career Leap Map Approach, you'll confidently explore various industries, organizations, and roles, allowing you to broaden your horizons and discover exciting possibilities that you may not have considered before.
Determine Your Next Career Step with the Leap Assessment Process:
Make informed decisions that drive your success.

Our Leap Assessment Process empowers you to conduct a thorough, structured analysis of your options, ensuring you choose the career path that best aligns with your goals, values, and skillset.
Overcome Disempowering Beliefs with Mindset Freedom Hack:
Break free from disempowering beliefs that have been holding you back.

Our Mindset Freedom Hack equips you with powerful techniques to dismantle self-imposed limitations and develop a growth mindset, making you unstoppable in pursuing your career aspirations.
Get the Job You Want with the Career Leap Pursuit Approach:
Master the art of job pursuit and land your desired role.

Our unique Career Leap Pursuit Approach provides you with proven strategies, confidence, and clarity to ace interviews, showcase your value, and stand out from the competition, ensuring you secure the job you've been aiming for.
With CareerLeap.Pro, you'll have the comprehensive guidance and tools you need to navigate your career reinvention journey effectively and achieve the results you desire. What It's Not!
Not Your Boss!
Your bosses are primarily concerned with your performance in their organization.

But what about your own career aspirations and fulfillment?

With CareerLeap.Pro, you will prioritize your personal growth and empower you to find a career that aligns with your value system and goals.

Not Your Recruiter!
Recruiters focus on placing you in a job, but they don't care about you being fulfilled or realize your purpose.

With CareerLeap.Pro you will learn how to bring fulfillment and purpose into your career while not losing track of your practical goals.

We believe that finding right-for-you meaningful work is key to long-term success and satisfaction.
Not a Resume Writer!
While a resume writer can make your resume look impressive, we understand that your career journey involves much more than just a document.

You will learn uncover your true aspirations, explore new possibilities, and make informed decisions that shape your professional path.

Not Networking!
Networking without clarity can be a shot in the dark: talking to wrong people about topics you don't enjoy.

With CareerLeap.Pro, you will learn how to build your Board of Supporters. You will identify the right connections and guide you in building a network that supports your career goals.
Not Your Sceptic Friend!
We all encounter skeptical friends who question our desire to change.

But don't let their doubts hold you back.

We are here to inspire and guide you towards a successful fulfilling career. We believe in your potential and are committed to helping you achieve your goals, without regrets or disappointments.

CareerLeap.Pro is more than just a typical career service. We are your advocate, partner, catalyst, and cheerleader on your journey to career reinvention and fulfillment. Join us today and unlock your potential!
CareerLeap.Pro: Selected Case Studies
Case study 1. 
A nurse with 30-year experience leaped to become a holistic health healer 
Rebecca W., 52, NC, Registered Nurse 
        "I finally got the tools to transition out of a 30 year career into something that will provide an income, and be work I am aligned with completely and thoroughly enjoy doing. That seemed like an impossible concept until I went through the program.
       I would recommend the program to anyone who is even considering a new or different career."  
Case study 2. 
An architect ready to quit her field, realized why she'd originally chosen it and discovered many new opportunities.
Anna S., 41, Connecticut, Architect 
        "The course allowed me to step away from 'my job as means of survival' mindset and recall what I am actually passionate about in life and in my career.
       I've got back my spark, interest, and curiosity. As a result, several new work opportunities surfaced immediately and I'm currently pursuing them."

Case study 3. 
A finance executive got a Director role in one of the most cutting-edge firms in the industry and increased his compensation 2.5 times. 
Dan D., Finance Director, TX 
 CareerLeap.Pro: Let's Get You These Wins
CareerLeap.Pro is designed to bring you tangible wins and transform your career journey. By joining the program, you'll unlock a range of benefits that will set you up for success:
Stop wasting your life feeling stuck in a role that drains your energy.

With CareerLeap.Pro, you'll break free from the rut and fast-track your job search.

Our proven tools and strategies will help you cut through the noise and focus on the opportunities that align with your goals.
Invest in honing your personal brand and messaging, and watch as you get noticed, make an impact, and command the salary you deserve.

CareerLeap.Pro equips you with the skills and insights to position yourself as a valuable asset in the job market, ensuring you're compensated accordingly.
Quality of Life
Discover career opportunities that are the right fit for you and your lifestyle.

Say goodbye to the days of feeling unfulfilled and embrace a career that brings you joy and satisfaction.

CareerLeap.Pro empowers you to create a fulfilling and balanced life by aligning your work with your passions and values.
Performance Edge
Overcome the beliefs that have held you back and unlock your full potential.

It's time to become unstoppable in pursuing your aspirations.

CareerLeap.Pro's Mindset Freedom Hack provides you with powerful techniques to dismantle disempowering beliefs and develop a growth mindset that propels you towards success.
Lifelong Career Tools
CareerLeap.Pro doesn't just offer short-term solutions – it equips you with lifelong tools that can shape your trajectory forever.

The skills and knowledge you gain through the program will continue to benefit you throughout your career journey, allowing you to navigate future transitions with confidence.

By enrolling in CareerLeap.Pro, you're setting yourself up for a future filled with wins, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

It's time to take charge of your career and unlock your true potential.

Enroll in CareerLeap.Pro and Unlock Access to
🎓 Module 1 (week 1)
This module lays the groundwork for your career transformation.
Kick-start your career transformation by tapping into your deepest aspirations.

In this module, you'll engage in "Blue Sky Thinking" exercises to reignite your passion, define your Career Blueprint, and begin mapping out potential career leaps.
🎓 Module 2 (week 2)
This module empowers you to go beyond your comfort zone in exploring career possibilities.
Break free from your comfort zone and explore new career possibilities.

Unleash your innate strengths, challenge limiting beliefs, and expand your options with confidence.

This module empowers you to go beyond what you thought was possible.
🎓 Module 3 (week 3)
This module is about fine-tuning your career path.
Refine your career path and narrow down your options.

Define your Aspirational and Integrational Criteria to align your choices with your long-term goals.

Learn how to build a supportive network that accelerates your career leap.
🎓 Module 4 (week 4)
This module equips you with the tools to make informed career decisions.
Equip yourself with the tools to make informed career decisions.

Discover your Motivational Mechanisms to stay driven throughout your journey and explore the world of entrepreneurship.

Learn three potent methods to evaluate potential career leaps.
🎓 Module 5 (week 5)
This final module sets you up to take action towards your career leap.
This final module sets you up for success.

Master effective job pursuit strategies, refine your communication skills, and adopt the 'Pillar for Success' mindset to catapult your career trajectory.

It's time to make your dreams a reality.
By enrolling in CareerLeap.Pro, you'll gain lifetime access to these transformative modules.

Each week, you'll dive into new materials, complete assignments, and unlock valuable insights that will shape your career trajectory forever.
“The program took me through the journey of self-discovery, self-improvement and self-actualization”
-Helen S., Project Manager
“I find myself suddenly excited with my career prospects ahead! I’m clear and confident about the next steps in my career - something I have not felt in a long time!”
-Alex M., IT Executive
“The program allowed me to fit early open-ended exploration within a structured approach and a sense of path, avoiding 'analysis paralysis'.”
-Inna G., Data Science Executive
a digital self-guided program that will help you

get clear and empowered
to find a better-fitting role in a right-for-you organization:
save time, command higher salary and improve quality of your life.

<<Limited Beta Offer!>>

with Misha Rubin
 Career Educator, CEO of The Career Leap, former EY Partner 
regular price $1,800
Special price $580
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30 day money-back gurantee
Let's Deal with BUT's...
...but couldn't I just do it by myself?
You could. You probably have been looking for the answers for a while... Do you really want to spend time more time, make more detours and not getting what you really want?? - I don't think so...
...but is it worth spending this money on something that might not work?
Your biggest risk is the status quo.
More years of the same.
Regurgitating the same old ideas.
Feeling uninspired.
Getting another job that will become another disappointment next year.

Money Back Guarantee: Full Refund within 30 Days of the beginning of the Program.
...but I am not ready to make change
Don't commit to change. Allow yourself to explore.
Meet Your Guide, Misha Rubin 

Hi, I'm Misha. I'm a Career Strategist and CEO of The Career Leap. I facilitate meaningful intentional life change at work and in life. This includes helping professionals and executives find the right career path for them, realize their full potential, and thrive at work.

I spent 15 fruitful years at Ernst & Young, making Partner at that time. I was an advisor to hundreds of Wall Street executives, managed hundreds of millions worth of projects, and guided countless professionals and executives in their careers.

I understand the challenge of achieving worldly success while seeking meaning and fulfillment, which is why I'm dedicated to finding practical answers to important questions about purpose and impact in the workplace.

Since leaving my corporate career, I’ve worked with

IT Executives,
Wall St Executives,
Marketing Executives,

Finance Professionals,
Product Managers,
Project Managers,



 to help them reinvent their careers and lives.

CareerLeap.Pro: Frequently Asked Questions
We understand that you may have questions about CareerLeap.Pro. We've compiled some frequently asked questions to provide you with the answers you need:

Q: I'm not ready to make a change. Would I benefit from CareerLeap.Pro?
A: Absolutely! CareerLeap.Pro is designed for professionals who are seeking what's next in their careers. Even if you're not yet ready to commit to a change, the program will help you explore new possibilities, gain clarity, and create options for your future.

Q: I'm not sure what I want to do. Is this course right for me?
A: Yes, CareerLeap.Pro is specifically designed to help individuals who are unsure about their career direction. The program will guide you in gaining clarity and identifying your next career move. You'll develop a solid plan to pursue your goals, regardless of whether you have a specific direction in mind or not.

Q: What if I have a direction in mind? Would the course still be beneficial to me?
A: Absolutely! Even if you have a general direction in mind, CareerLeap.Pro will provide you with the tools and insights to explore different paths that align with your goals. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of your options and have the support to make informed decisions that drive your success.

Q: I'm not sure it will work for me. How can I be sure?
A: Our method has been proven to work for many individuals who have successfully reinvented their careers. We are confident in the value and effectiveness of CareerLeap.Pro. In fact, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30 days of the program. We believe that the biggest risk is sticking with the status quo, and we're here to help you overcome that.

Q: Who is this program for?
A: CareerLeap.Pro is designed for professionals who are seeking guidance and support in their career journeys. Whether you're ready to make an immediate change or just exploring your options, this program is tailored to meet your needs.

Q: How is the program structured?
A: CareerLeap.Pro consists of five online modules that you can review at your own convenience. Each module provides you with valuable insights, exercises, and assignments. You should plan to dedicate approximately one hour per week to review the module materials and allocate 10-15 minutes each day for assignments.

Q: What kind of results can I expect?
A: CareerLeap.Pro is designed to help you gain clarity, identify your next career move, and develop a solid plan to pursue it. The specific outcomes may vary depending on your individual circumstances, but previous participants have experienced increased clarity, successful career transitions, higher levels of job satisfaction, and improved career prospects.

More Testimonials:
“He’s turned into a completely different person”
-Client’s Loving Wife
“ far the best investment in myself and my career”
-Gina, Program Manager
On this journey, the program provided s very practical and intuitive approach for figuring out what direction I want to leap in my career so to speak, what is in my way of doing so, and measurable steps to overcoming.
-Alexa P., Wall St. Executive
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